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BT Zombie Server


• [bT]Power [Owner]
• Zomboy [Server Head]
• [bT]Kekoian [Emperor]
• [bT]BlackTurbo [Emperor]
• [bT]amumu [Emperor]
• Blue [Emperor]
• [Cookie]termica [Emperor]
• Pitbull [Manager]
• [FC]Satan [Manager]
• [TEA]Twelve [Manager]
• [bT]The_One [Manager]
• Happu [Head Administrator]
• [UC]Donga [Senior Administrator]
• [MM]Revolver [Senior Administrator]
• [bT]Betelgeuse [Senior Administrator]
• [KOD]Mario [Administrator]
• [Z5]HazeM [Administrator]
• [MM]H3rO [Administrator]
• [FC]Nelson_Javier40 [Administrator]
• [FC]Wesam [Administrator]
• Harris[RAW] [Administrator]
• [KOD]Deadpool [Moderator]
• Sniper[KH] [Moderator]
• Slayer[TM] [Moderator]
• [KOD]Modather [Moderator]
• [FC]Reyjuh [Moderator]
• [FC]LVDEEZNUTS [Moderator]
• [FC]Husky [Moderator]
• [TM]CrazyBoy [Moderator]
•   [KOD]Rio [Jr.Moderator]
•  [KHAlphaKiller [Jr.Moderator]
•  [SYN]NatuRe [Jr.Moderator]
•  [LK]Juanmii [Jr.Moderator]
•  [LK]RioT [Jr.Moderator]


Zombie Server Rules

1.No third party mod (NO HACKING!)
2.No Cleo mods
3.You shouldn't disrespect people.
4.Do not go outside of the map area
5.No Advertising
6.Do not spam or flood the public chat
7.Multi Accounts ain't allowed.
8.No Pausing during game.
10.No c-bugging weapon-scroll or any other GTA bugs
11.No Spawn Killing (SK)
12. No Team-attacking (punching or shooting teammates) allowed!
13.Shooting your team boxes won't be considered as punishment.
14.Swearing in chat is allowed but frequently swearing for no reason would lead you to mute.

Zombie Server Administration Rules

1 - Do not go to any human if you are a zombie and kill Him/Her.
2-  Do not use the /get command to teleport a player out of the water to save him, no matter if he/she is a zombie or human 
3 - Do not kick or ban, warn, mute for stupid reasons, bad words and like dot 
4- Do not akill a spawn killer, firstly warn him, if he continues then you can akill him. 
5 - Respect all players, do not insult, and don't think you are better than any players.
6 - Do not set yourself a human if you spawned as a zombie and do not set anyone a zombie, unless they are AFK and they are human.
7- Do not abuse, abusing as in going to someone if you are about to die, spawning yourself to avoid death, and do not abuse giving yourself or others exp and coins, and do not goto and get other people for no reason.  
8-Do not kick any player after time of evac pass Except hackers and make sure that he/she afk before kick maybe come back at any time 
9- Listen and respect your Seniors if you wish to keep your rank.

10 -You must justify your inactivity, otherwise you'll receive a warning or either get demoted.


*** Some Tips and Valid Ban Reasons Guide For Zombie Server ***

  • To check for hp hacks always use the /slap command but try not to use it if he's human, just go as zombie and attack him first. 
  • If he lose health he's ok , if not then use slap and if he doesnt get slapped then he's bugged use kick. 
  • If he gets slapped and falls on ground without losing health = ban. 
  • REMEMBER: If map is small then use /wslap .
  • If a player is in water before evac time and is not dying then hes bugged use kick. 
  • If it's evac time then players can swim according to script.
  • For ammo hacks, repeatedly doing /cw on him may can help you catch him either ways there's a cmd if someone has ammo greater than 500 '/ca', you can keep checking him on each new map spawn see if his ammo exceeds without him going into the checkpoint. 
  • If player is air-braking or speed hacking - ban.
  • If player is teleport hacking u need to be sure first. Use spec in such case.
  • If you are shooting someone and he's not losing health then use slap , if he lose health on slap he's ok if not is ban and if he doesn't get slapped then he's bugged use kick.
  • That's all for now.. i wrote it through mobile.
  • Most Important: DO NOT BAN ZOMBIES IF THEY HAVE WEAPONS IN /CW . You can only see them having it in /cw but they actually got nothing except punch means they do not have weapons. 
  • If they have weapon in hand (zombie) and using it then he's bugged use /kick .
  • I don't want to see false bans from admins; else will be demoted to 1.



Admins Valid Ban Reasons

Admins are to ban for:
- Airbreaking (AB)
- Health Hacking (HH) / God Mode (GM)
- Parkour Mod (PM)
- Ammo Hack (AH)
- Advertisement (AD)

Admins are not to ban for:
- Aimbot
- Bad Language [Only if Massively]
- Spawn Killing [Only if Massive]

P.S: DO NOT BAN ZOMBIES IF THEY HAVE WEAPONS IN /CW . You can only see them having it in /cw but they actually got nothing except punch means they do not have weapons. If they have weapon in hand (zombie) and using it then hes bugged use /kick .

False banning will never be tolerated and you will get demoted 1 level down so think before you ban someone without proofs or wrongfully.


*** Important Notice for XP and Coin Traders ***

Good day players,
This topic is mainly focused for the players who are keen on trading their xp for coins or vice versa with other players.

1) You are SOLELY responsible for such trades. 
2) Any kind of scams will not be looked at by the administration team.
3) If you are uncertain whether to trade with a player or not, ALWAYS refer to an administrator. Mishaps will not be looked at.
4) Any kind of reports on the forums or in-game will be most definitely ignored and and the topic will be deleted.

Good luck surviving!

ZS Administration Team


*** Important Rule for Team Killing for ever Clan/Gang in ZS ***

Recently it have been noticed that clan members can't kill each other due to a rule implemented in each clan on ZS by their leaders , so from now onwards that rule's getting removed from every clan and their leaders CAN'T add that rule back as it annoys people a lot in-game as well as i can witness myself that clan members on zombie team were caught blocking door entrances to prevent their human mates from dying which is strictly FORBIDDEN, so with the removal of that clan rule, each clan member CAN and WILL kill/attack their mates no matter what. Just to remind that if i see this rule again no matter on which clan , that clan will get their system removed with no way back.

ZS Administration Team


- [bT] Clan
- [sm] Clan
- [Ghost] Clan
- [FC] Clan
- [BTZ] Clan
- [Z5] Clan
- [EKS] Clan
- [MoB] Clan
- [RAW] Clan
- [D2A] Clan
- [TM] Clan
- [TEA] Clan
- [MM] Clan
- [KH] Clan
- [KOD] Clan
- [SoA] Clan
- [KF] Clan


*** [ZS] IRC Channel Ranks System ***

 Voice [ + ] → Non-Admins\Players

 H-op [ % ] → Admins level 1,2 and 3

 Op [ @ ] → Admins level 4+

 Only level 4+ can join #btzombie.oper

ZS Administration Team


BTTDM Zombie Server IP -

BTTDM Zombie Server IRC channel - #btzombie