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BTTDM 0.3e








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*** Following Rules Will Apply On 3e Server Only ***

1 - You are not allowed to use any sort of cheat or hack in the server, including all mods or bugs which might give you an unfair advantage. (including Parkour or aimbot mods as well), you can find the forbidden and allowed mods Here (this topic will be named as an official one if we posted those rules)

2 - Police officers are not allowed to abuse their commands on players, and are not allowed to use them on AFK players even if the player is wanted.

3 - Respect everyone and do not intend to flame or insult anyone such as discrimination because of skin, color, language, race, accent or anything else and do not evade the swear-filters.

4 - Do not spam the main chat with useless things, advertisements, porno-sites, or insert flooding repetitions (Advertisements and insults will lead to permanent ban)

5 - Do not use unneeded caps.

6 - No /q jokes. This means that you must not tell people to use /q or /kill in order to annoy them such as inciting people to do bannable actions. (leads to a kick then a permanent ban)

7 - If you wish to report a player, please use /report instead of spamming it on the mainchat, if there's no admins are online then please report the player  Here and action will be taken as soon as possible

8 - Do not bug-abuse. (This includes all bugs, which are appearing cause of script-bugs.) You must report them immediately Here 

9 - Do not ask for a higher level ingame. Please visit This page for more information how to get into the vips' Team.

10 - You must not abuse any command such as /kill in order to annoy an other player. This also includes commands which you use to avoid a certain death.

11 - Do not annoy or attack people who are making a cruise, movie or any other peaceful or private event, unless you have been invited.

12 - You must not use any second account in order to increase your money/cars/biz of your primary account in use of the second account. (leads to ban and full reset for both of the accounts)

13 - Do not minimize the game or press Esc in order to avoid a death. Never use it in minigames. If you are away for more than one minute, please announce that you'll be AFK.

14 - Do not make spammy announcements of Minigames/Missions which have been started.

15 - No Spawn-Killing at all.

16 - For people who got scammed have to post their proofs Here and the RCONS will take care of that case (in case if there's admins online call them to watch the trade to avoid scamming)

17 - No trading can be done for anything related to the game from outside.

18 - Swearing is allowed as long as it doesn't hurt someone or against any kind of Religions.

19 - Parking cars in order to block the roads or someone's house is not allowed. (Firstly the player will get those cars reparked then reseted if he/she carried on)

20 - Using names with abusive language and sense is forbidden. (Leads to kick then a ban)

21 - Scamming Cars/Houses/Business from someone by any way is totally forbidden and will leads you to a permanent ban from the server.

22 - MTA's owners have the full rights to ask for their mtas to get them reset at anytime they want.


BTTDM 0.3e Server IP -

BTTDM 0.3e IRC Channel - #btirc[3e]