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BTTDM 0.3b


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*** BTTDM 0.3b (Administration Rules) ***

1. Do not abuse admin commands for your own "ADVANTAGE".

2. Helping a player is a MUST even though he/she is new. Players is the important matter of 3b without players were gone.

3. Respect all people that came in/out in 3b.

4. Avoid being in a scam issue.

5. Don't ask for levels/promotions.

6. If you got problems that beyond your admin power refer it to the higher level.

7. Be matured and open minded.

8. High level admins should trait fairly to co-admins no favoritism .

9. No foul words or bad words in admin chat.

10. No transexual.(In other worlds: Do not try to make advantages from being dishonest.)

11. About sending money to players:
 Before giving money to players, check the /stats first.
 If the player has much money already then do not give.
Do not send more than to a single player 1000000 at once.
While giving all players cash, 300000 is max.

12. About being inactive:
3b admins must make an inactive application before going to inactive.
The time of being inactive is 2 months at most.
If you have been inactive for more than 2 months you will be demoted.
We will clean the inactive admins time by time.

13. Administrators level 3+ can't own any business.

If one of this rules is being disobeyed he/she can be suspended or demoted.

SariJean & [bT]Niku (3b Server Heads)


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BTTDM 0.3b IRC channel - #btirc[3b]