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BTTDM Legends

Proud leader and head of all bttdm affairs. 
Realizing his dream of running a community for all to enjoy, make friends and have fun.
 He's renowned for going afk for long periods of time no one has yet to beat his streak.

Currently known as Candygirl. 
A fierce an mighty individual. Known for getting her way. 
Isnt one to take lightly at her prime state of anger. 
not many walk away as confident as they were before confronting her.

The king of rares. The man who started it all, The first owner of the infamous Stafford. One of the top administrators of his time.

Semi-Retired Founding father of the murdermob. Father Of Server Management. The forum keeper. 
florian has time and time again surprised us with new ideas and renovations. Heading administration on server 3c from the very birth of 3c

Currently known as Mike. Server Management Member 
"Apparently Mike forgot to mention anything about himself in the bttdm legends . Well let me inform you people : 
He is a very dedicated member of our community that always strives to make this place , where you are playing and enjoying your time , a better and stronger , yet more friendly and fun community. 
His dedication has been bringing a fruitful management to bttdm.We thank you for everything Mike" -Aldo

She always was excellent admin and she always liked to play at night looked like a vampire. -O))sCar

Server Management Member
Entrusted to guide administrators. 
First to serve as Vice General Manager, 
Second ever General manager of the server management. 
This man loves to have fun, and is much very reliable

Currently known as Just_test. Served as server management, First General Manager
Just_Test, the (Justice) I thank you from the depths of my heart for standing and helping everyone all these years in bttdm. You've showed how much hard you worked. You've proven your dedication and time to the servers. You are an emperor itself! You're a great legend! We owe our achievements to your professionalism and wisdom. Thank you very much" -Edward

The only bttdm administrator to have passed away. The great Tuscan, was a fair, and reasonable administrator. 
Some things just happens. In memory of Him We have constructed an bttdm landmark on the San fierro bridge adjacent to the train bridge. Rest In Piece Tuscan.

Ole Kristian




First Generation Scripter, and creator of the SATDM Script.

Sheep & CrazyLoco 
one of the first admins to ever utilize the uzi/sawnoff combo. Which is used today by the bT clan and the Murder mob


Juchie & Lotus
The 3b admin Couple. These two have shown extreme loyalty to the bttdm community and their partnership.
 Not favorable of the newer versions of sa-mp, they reside in their customly made mta on server 3b. 
They continue to take care of 3b keeping it free of hackers for all to enjoy.


Killer Prabin
Second Generation Server Scriptor


"An Old Leader from the bT Clan, your dedication to our servers was really awesome,
 he was also a Server Management And a rcon from 3c" -O))sCar

First genereation bT clan Leader. he kept bT members in line at all times. he reigned over the members with an iron fist. there was no use of foul language while he was around.

 he was a great support to our servers, was always helping with the maps created by him. -O))scar

Former Server scripter

[aka, Poopchute, poop grenade, stink bomb, infamous poop, foul mouth poop, diehard second coming]
Our Former Server Scripter on 3 bttdm servers

Former Server Scripter


Server 3b

[CLASS OF 2014]

Recognized for his hard work and dedication to the BTTDM community

Server Management Member
An Bttdm Scripter Founder of LoCa, 
He has revived Server 3e and built one of bttdms stongest administrations

Former server management member, and former 3e server head of administration

[aka, Drake]
Recognized for his hard work and dedication to the BTTDM community

Founder Of MC
Recognized for his hard work and dedication to the BTTDM community

Recognized for his hard work and dedication to the BTTDM community

Recognized for her hard work and dedication to the BTTDM community

One of the best new generation admins, 3c Major Elite, Recognized for his hard work and dedication to the BTTDM community

Server 3c

[CLASS OF 2015]

Pioneer and founder of bttdm event Management. One of the Murder Mob's Structural Pillar. 
Survivor of the Crash of the Murder Mob Management of 2014. A qualified and one of the experienced and professional administrator of bttdm from second generation (2012-2013).

One of bttdm's first Youngest and most successful administrator for his age.

He dazzles the community with his designs, his rules and his skills in managing the server. -Omar
Recognized as the first BTTDM Design artist. Server head grade administrator. 
Two server head positions held. Community pillar -Managment