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*** BTTDM 3x's Server Administration Rules & Policies ***

General Administrator Rules
  • Don't ask for promotions, or you will be punished. Might be demoted to level 0 if persisted on asking for promotions.
  • Direct disrespect and insults will not be tolerated, admins who're caught doing this will be severely punished.
  • If there's a higher level admin IG, let him do the hacker inspections and reports management if he's free.
  • Don't ignore players, help them if no other admin is free to help, no matter what.
  • Don't instigate disputes and meaningless fights, admins who're caught doing this will be severely punished.
  • Don't use illegal weapons unless in an event managed by a level 6+ in a virtual world different from players' world.
  • Admins shouldn't have much interest in cars and businesses, no admins are allowed to buy businesses.
  • Admins are not allowed to ban Multi accounts. Report them to RCONs with valid proofs.
  • Admins can't set their cash to high or the result will get punishment from Server Head.
  • Don't ban any Imposter when he joins. set his name first then ban him.
Commands' Usage Rules
  • You should always use /reports, /iw and /richlist once you connect and login, then keep doing it regularly.
  • Don't /warn fellow admins no matter what, and if you have something you'd like to report them for make it in PM.
  • Don't use any command any way that would give you an advantage in any situation. This could lead to sever punishments
  • Don't use /move or /moveplayer without supervision/permission of a level 7+ admin. You might be demoted if you're caught using the command to your liking without permission.
  • Don't use /disarm, /goto or /get people without a valid reason or permission from them.
  • Don't use /healall or /armourall out of events. Use /sethealth and /setarmour instead.
  • Don't use /cc or /clearchat without a valid reason.
  • Don't use /setalltime or /setallweather without players' permissions.
  • Don't use /setscore on anybody to increase/decrease his score. Only use it when players are changing names.
  • Don't use /hide to your liking. You may only use it when no admins are online, in order to trick hackers to use their hacks. You're not allowed to use /hide to avoid getting PM'ed by players in need of your help.
  • Don't abuse /caps, /mute, /jail or /spawn. Use them in situations they're intended to be used for.
  • Don't use any forbidden commands such as /die, /lslowmo and /lconfig as they're strictly prohibited by server head(s).
Reactions to Certain Situations

  • When a player is shooting at /f1track, /f2track, /f3track, /mwar, /teleammo or /telebank, you can immediately jail them for 1 minute after verbally warning.
  • When a player breaks chat rules, always warn him verbally first then /warn then /mute after the 2nd warning.
  • When a player teleports to evade death, warn him verbally first then /warn then /jail after the 2nd warning.
  • When a player uses the weed bug, reset his cash and tell him it's forbidden. If he does it again ban him.
  • When a player unintentionally spams the taxi job bug, tell him it doesn't work, if he doesn't understand, /eject him.
  • When a player is desynced, /reconnect him.
3x Management


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BTTDM 0.3x IRC Channel - #btirc[3x]