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-BUST3R (Blog Creator & Manager)

BTTDM 0.3.7


● Emin 
● [MM]Andres
● [MM]Reyjuh

● [bT]Monster 
● [bT]BlackTurbo
● CandyGirl 


● [U][k]Sylar 
● Yeremi_11 
● Burak 
● [U][k]Gonza 

● FredForce 
● [U][k]MortaliiS 
● [MM]Snickers 
● Toretto 
● [U][k]Naked 
● [bT]Niku 
● [bT]Naldi 
● [KOD]Dark_Knight 

● [U][k]AlexLucker 
● [U][k]Nelson_J40 
● SrMendez 

● [MM]Maolin 
● [UC]FreeGaza 
● [MM]TurrO 
● [U][k]Angel_Dead 
● [MM]Kenway 
● [KOD]Luifer_O 

● [KOD]Mario 
● Ariel 
● [MM]Maniac 
● [U][k]Maxx
● Balli_King

● [LRC]CrowKillStorm 
● [MM]Rocky 
● [LRC]Maxi[FC] 

● [MM]Revolver
● [UC]Omar
● Youngster


1- Each administrator level 4+ need read this. Click here

2- Serious insults to a user will be given punishment with warning or demotion (Depending on the severity of the problem)

3- If you steal cars to innocent players without any reason you will get banned from the server and all your cars will be reset

4- If a user bothers the chat with bad words and has 3 kicks the next is ban. (The administrator must take pictures at the moment)

5- Fake evidence against a case, if you share fake evidence of a ban you will get demoted to 0 and banned from the server

6- You can use IW on Adminarea or Setworld without bother any player in the game, If you do the opposite to this you will get demoted to 0

7- You should take evidence of every ban in the server

8- If you use /fix /lhy or any other command to fix the car at war, the first will be warned, the second demoted.

9- Racism are punished with PERM BANNED.

10- Admins level 1+ cannot own business in server because they have /givecash and /setbankmoney

11- Any admin that goes inactive for 1 month or more without informing will get demoted

12- Admins can't use /givecash to make unlimits to their money nor using them to trade car for money.

13- Asking for level several times will lead you to a mute and less chances to be an administrator.

14- Admins can't use commands such as /die /explode /burn on players for fun, it will lead you to a demotion.

15- Admins can't make jokes/troll acts with administrators commands, it will lead you to a demotion.

More rules will be added with the time
These rules and clarifications only apply on 3.7


0.3.7 Management


*** BTTDM 3.7's IRC Channel Rules ***

Hey everyone, I've been looking for those people who are asking for voice or Channel permissions on 3.7 IRC Channel. So I decided 
to make this topic to make clear some stuff about it.

Firstable, I'd like to say that if you need to get voice you can pm me in forum or IRC and I will sort it out quick.

Here's the ranks aclaration for 0.3.7 Server:

1). +V Will be for players, donators and administrators level 1,2,3.

2). +H Will be for administrators level 4 and 5.

3). +O Will be for administrators level 6 and 7. (Once you reach level 6, you're allowed to go to 3.7.oper)

Thanks for understanding.

Reyjuh (0.3.7 Server Head)


*** A New Rule For 3.7's Administration ***

From now on, you can't be admin in more than 2 versions if you're affiliated with 0.3.7.
We're doing this to avoid any Inactivity problem because we're searching for a new staff team, and we've seen that there are a lot of admins that are playing in another servers and not in 0.3.7 just because of their levels or because they don't like it or I don't know.

Important notes:

- It doesn't apply for Level 6+ 
- It doesn't apply for server heads.
- It doesn't apply if you're Administrator in Zombie Server (It means you can be in for example 0.3.7, 3x and ZS)

We're starting this from now on!

[MM]Reyjuh, [MM]Andres & Emin - 0.3.7 Server Heads


BTTDM 0.3.7 Server IP -

BTTDM 0.3.7 IRC Channel - #btirc[3.7]