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3c Admin Procedure

The upcoming content was originally posted by Just_Test on January 16, 2013 (, but has been edited by Olly to meet the requirements, policies and regulations of server 3C.

This is 3c Admin Procedures, fully updates and adapted to the 3c Server. The following content is mandatory, you MUST follow it. Any breakage of this topic will be referred to as a violation of the 3c admin protocol and you will be held responsible for further punishment based on the gravity of your violation. Read with caution and do not hesitate to question any of the following statements either as a reply or as a private message to me. 

The use of the /ban command:

The ban command is most likely the most important command you have as an admin, and it is therefore vital that you know the correct use of it. It is mandatory (you must) that you take a screen shot[F8] before issuing a ban for admins level 4-6. With the exception of Speed Hacking. Before banning you must be 100% sure they have committed an offence suitable for a ban. Always think twice before banning.

Money hacks - Use /richlist to check for any suspicious amounts. Use /getinfo <ID> and /stats <ID> to check the money, time spent on server, register date and his cash in the bank. If you find the player suspicious use /setcash <ID> 50000 after that use /richlist (every 10-20 seconds for the first 2 minutes) to check whether the cash goes back up. If it does then you may have caught yourself a money hackers and only then you are allowed to ban. TIP: Money hackers will generally use other hacks, so its wise to check for other hacks aswell.
PS: Be aware of any money transfers, as other players or friends may also transfer money to the player.

Health hacks - Health hackers usually come through our /report section, so be sure to check it for old reports inbetween. Use /lspec <ID> and use the /burn <ID> or /explode <ID> command. If their life fails to fall, or regains when its close to empty, you might possibly have caught a health hacker. But before banning always check if the player is bugged. Use /aslap <ID> or /moveplayer <ID> up, 2-3 times to check if he move. If nothing happens he is most likely bugged and use the /reconnect <ID> or /kick <ID> command to make him relog. However if he does move when using those commands you have yourself a health hacker. IMPORTANT: The medic class (Deep Pink color), has a cmd to heal themselves, completely within the game rules.

Airbreak - Airbreak is pretty simple to see, if they are moving in a straight vertical (upwards) line, or flying across the map in an unnatural manner.

Scammers - If you have solid proof and evidence to back you up then you may use the /ban <ID> <REASON> command, if you are level 3 or below, use the command /ip <ID> and make a report together with the evidence backing you up.

Advertiser - If a player advertisers, ban him as quickly as you can before you use /cc, this is extremely important, ALWAYS BAN BEFORE CC.

Speed hack - Speedhack is also pretty simple to see, spectate them and watch their speed, some hackers are clever and only rarely use it, so you may have to spectate them for a while.

Weapon hack - Use /iw to detect weapon hackers. Use /lspec <ID>, then /disarm <ID>. Use /weaps <ID> to check if they respawn the illegal weapon, only ban if they respawn it. Do not ban if they don't. Be aware that when typing /iw it will also show DM zones.

Flying Car - Flying cars are pretty much simple to see, if their car is flying it most likely means the player is hacking. Use the command /spawn <ID>, /moveplayer <ID> or /aslap <ID>, to check if the player is bugged or not, as it can be a bug, believe it or not. If the player doesn't react when using any of the commands above, then you can proceed to /reconnectplayer or /kick to make the player relog from it's bug. However if the player does react when using any of the following commands /spawn <ID>, /moveplayer <ID> or /aslap <ID>, only then you can issue a ban.

Ban Evasion - Report to a level 4+ for further evaluation, if necessary report to DOOM.

Impersonating - If a player gets impersonated and you are positive that its a impersonater, please use /setname or /kick to change their names. However if a player uses simular names to for instance a admin or a player, leave it. DO NOT issue bans for impersonating exception if the suspect successfully manages to somehow access a 3c admin account. Remember to /setname first because the names get banned aswell as ip. PS: I dont want any wrong bans, and you will not ban without being 110% sure.

The use of the /warn command:

Insulting - Remember to warn in full English or the players native language.

Spam - Warn only if they have spammed 7+ lines of the same thing (if they are not kicked automatically by the server).

Spawnkilling and Evading death - Remember to warn in full English or the players native language.

Shooting in the bank - Before using this command use /jail, use the /warn command only if the player refuses to stop shooting in the bank after he's been released.

Provoking - If a player feels provoked by a player in any sort of way, you have all the rights to warn that player. Mocking, making fun of others, are all examples of provoking. 

The use of the /jail command:

The /jail command is used for players shooting in the bank. Do not jail for anything over 5 minutes. If the player refuse to stop after release make use of the /warn command.

The use of the /kick command:

/kick is a command that is not used that much, however it is a command that is used mainly for more serious offences. Although it is not used that often it can be used on player for offences such as:
Bad name

Severe language after warnings

If the player is bugged

If the player refuses to stop spam even after /mute - Players can bypass the /mute <ID> command using /me, if the player refuses to stop you may use the /kick <ID> command.

Remember any 3 kicks via warnings (9 warnings) will be followed up by an Ban for the reason Inappropriate Conduct

We thank you for reading this, 
3C Admin Team

Just_Test & Olly

Mike (3c Server Head)


3c Admin Protocol

Admin Protocol

Violation of the protocol - Any violation or breakage of the protocol listed below will result in punishment or demotion, please be cautious. You are to frequently check this topic for any future updates, you will be held responsible for your violation regardless of the last update date.

Appropriate Conduct - My admins are required to maintain the prestige and importance of the 3c administration. All admins are required to effectively maintain a clean main chat at all times. Any main chat profanity is strictly prohibited and can result in punishment in order to keep order on server 3c.

Inactive Admins - As a admin the 2 week inactive account reset will disappear, however with this doesn't mean you are fully safe. If you go away for 2 weeks or even 4 weeks won't have any affect, however if you are inactive more then 2 months then you are pulling it. You will risk a possible demotion if you exceed 2 months of inactivity.

Admin Procedures - When dealing with rule breakers you are entitled to follow the 3c Admin Procedures, any breakage of this topic will count as a violation of your admin terms & agreement and can be held guilty for further punishment. The topic can be found here:

Vehicle Tuning - 3C administrators will not be Force tuning vehicles for Regular players anymore. Force tuning is forcing rims onto a car that you cant get in the tune shop with that car, this should eliminate the trend and help defend for op codes.

Corruption - Any admin caught Scamming, trolling or whatever they call it, or down right being a jerk with the /q crap will be demoted immediately with no warning, please do not try to test my favoritism.

Command abuse - the Latest trend of command abuse that has seemed to resurfaced is the set health command, any admins caught abusing such a command will be demoted 3 levels down. Any admins abusing Eject, fake commands, akill, write, announce, any command that allows for the user to gain an upper hand among the rest of the 3c population will get demoted immediately I don't have time to hear all the whining and such about I don't know, I don't care where you were when this was posted you will be demoted no questions asked.

Get/Goto Command - It is common courtesy to ask before you use the get or goto command, please stick with tradition as we are a family here in the 3c administration.

Ban Evidence - From here on out It is mandatory(You must) that you take a screen shot[F8] before issuing a ban for admins level 4-9. In the original admin rules, admins are not required to take screen shots. For the first time on server 3C Screen shots are Mandatory! This will help prevent confusion within the administration. If you are incapable of taking screen shots you are incapable of being a 3c level 4+ administrator, simple as that. With the exception of Speed Hacking, and other hacks invisible to screen shots.

Major Elite Administrators - The Major Elites and Elites are the law after the CEO Management of 3c, level 7 and 6 administrators are entrusted with authority just below a Server Head and RCON administrator, Major Elite & Elite administrators are second in command of the 3c administration, they are my eyes when I am not online, are are regarded as important to me, but are not invulnerable, major elite administrators can and will be removed of duties when appropriate. They are evaluated every day and are held by higher standards that elite admins. Any administrator caught miss representing their rank and authority will be removed of duties immediately.

Teleportation - Using regular teleportation commands to get an easy kill will result in a warn, using teleportation commands to avoid death will also result in a warn, no bans will be issued.

SetHealth Commands - Set vehicle health and set player healths are not to be used while at combat. Do not set players health or repair players cars without knowing they are not in combat. Also the commands /armourall and /healall are never to be used exception for major events in cases where healall and armourall will save you alot of time, the command is rarely to be used and is otherwise a banned command. 

Server Law

G Abuse - Admins are to warn for G Abusing, the act of exploiting the passenger side  seat for unlimited protection and killing other players.

Money - Admins will no longer give money to players. Instead of giving money to players help find them a business and get started in our RP server. We are aiming to regulate the 3C economy so money becomes valuable again, and players play more effectively. Also this will help reveal real money hackers in the process. Admins caught using the giveallcash or the givecash command will receive multiple warnings before being demoted for incompetence.

Car Tuning - Admins are not to force tune players cars using /ltmenu or other tune menu's. Admins caught doing this will receive multiple warnings before being demoted for incompetence. You are allowed to tune your own cars but not player's.


*** Administration Guide for 3c Admins by Olly ***

I wanted to share my thoughts and ideology of what recognizes a good admin. It can be up to each individual server head, and this is not a blueprint, this is from my point of view, and will most likely be wise to know if you are a 3c admin as not everyone are aware of it. This topic is especially dedicated to the new wave of admins, the level 3 admins which now are under testing for level 4. Where you will have to prove your grounds in order to go the the next level within the 3c administration.

1) Abusing commands. If there's one thing I absolutely hate hearing as a Server Head then it's when a admin abuses commands. This is something we simply won't tolerate on 3c. You have your level for a reason, and that reason is NOT to be misused in any way, because I will demote without hesitation. If there's one thing I hate more then admins abusing their rights, then it is when try to act "innocent" or make up some kind of excuse as if it's not bad enough abusing if I ever catch you lying to me the case will get 100 times worse. If you are honest, accept your mistake but most importantly learn from it then that's much better than making up some kind of excuse. A quick tip: A good rule, is whenever you are in a fight with a player, or at a war, don't use ANY admin commands. You follow this all the time and I will say you are pretty safe from abusing commands.

This is the number one thing I look at, before even considering a promotion:
2)  Being helpful & kind to most importantly the players but not to mention your fellow admin partners. You will never get a promotion if you are arrogant or rude to any of the players, you might even get the exact opposite, a demotion for it. That's right, I dont need arrogant admins that think they are so much better then everyone else, we're all equal to eachother and you should therefore treat eachother equal. You should treat the players, the exact same way you treat me or any other admin for that sake. No matter how rude or bad a player behaves, does not give you the right to treat a player bad. And with arrogance most often come abusing and bad habbits aswell. We don't need people that aren't helpful or kind to the players, the way players get treated on the server has a huge effect if they'll ever come back again or not, and that's one of the many vital roles as an admin.

3) If you really want a promotion, then show me just how much you want it, or even better, show me that you deserve it. When you climb into higher levels, especially entering the Elites and Royal Elites levels where it's not only your skills as a admin I look for, but also how good of a leader you are. For instance how you treat new admins, are you helpful, and if they do something wrong will you tell them? Also an example of proving leadership could be managing your own gang/clan if done right this might help you prove your skills as a leader.

4) Slacking off and laying back when no admins are around is a BAD habbit. As a admin you should always be observant this means especially when there's no admins around you. It doesn't just give you a bad reputation from your other fellow admins. But also for me. I have mentioned this on a previous topic, but I might aswell mention it again. Even thought I'm not on in game doesn't mean I'm not watching the chat and following your moves. That's a part of my job, I need to see how good you do your job when no one else is on. And I see everything, I can read all the chats. If I was to be one hundred procent honest, I would say it's more important to perform better or do a better job in your admin duties when I am not on then it is when I am on. Because everyone can pretend to be a good admin for 1 hour while I'm on, but not all can keep that attitude going all the way when I'm not on. But that's the quality I want. Those fewer admins that have that ability those are the ones that are more likely to move along to the next level. Also, for those who thinks joining when I'm on will improve your chances, then you are wrong again. The ones joining the server when there's need of more admins, those are the ones increasing their level. That been said, I don't mind admins joining when I'm on, not at all, but you should know it won't be helping you in receiving that next level. However, this does not mean admins aren't allowed to have some fun and escape from the admin duties for a while. THIS IS WHY /offduty and /onduty was added, to give you just that little space from your admin duties to enjoy the server from the player's point of view.

5) Stay professional, as an admin you have responsibilites. You should always be a good example for the players, now acting childish and unorganized is not good for promotion. Proving maturity is also important. People think maturity is based upon 2 digits, aka your age, well that's where they are wrong. Your respect and maturity is based on observations from others, the way you participate in discussions inclusive of writing effort, handle stress when problems are encounted, the way you present yourself to others and how you carry out your activities on the servers.

Now this is not a guide to a promotion, following this does not result in a promotion, however this is my tips and guide to be a better admin and potentially/possibly a promotion.

Credits goes to Olly and Florian, some parts were copied from this topic

Olly (3c Server Head)


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