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BTTDM 0.3d


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*** 3d Server Administrations Rules and Regulations ***

Every 3D Administrator/Vip Have to follow those rules carefully to avoid warns and possibly demoting in worse cases.

* You cannot spawn any illegal weapon at any case except if it's official event or if you got the permissions of the server head.

* You aren't allowed to give any player illegal weapon never.

* You cannot use such commands like /aslap, /akill, /explode, /burn on a player to earn score.

* You cannot teleport to any player/admin without his/her permission

* As admin you are not allowed to use any kind of Mods, Cheats, Hacks and Handycaps (such as Cleo, S0beit etc.) [Instant Fire and Permanent Ban], Be a paragon for another users

* You are not to ban for multi-account player

* You are not to use any IRC (RCONS) commands

* No swears at main chat at any case

* insulting isn't allowed in Admins chat

* You are not to ignore players whenever you are on-duty

* Asking for Higher level will leads to temp-demote

* Asskissing/crying for geting promote isn't allowed never and will lead to demote to level 0.

* You must not use second account in order to save cars or house or biz

* You cannot warn players for toggling bus or taxi missions (spamming it), tell them what's going on, if they don't stop you should be allowed to eject them.

* You have to be mature all the time, no childish reactions are allowed

* Do not give your friends special privileges (ex. by not punishing them if they break rules). 

* Respect players and they will respect you.

* Do not take sides in conflicts (stay neutral).

* Investigate both players during a player complaint. 

*  You must have always proofs (screenshots or videos) before punishing any users

* If you make a wrong punishment (such as banning/range banning someone), instantly PM it to the server head with the ip of the player

* Post on forum if you are going to be away for longtime. (Doesn't count if you stopped playing on our server because you spend more time on another games and/or servers) If not, then you get fired from our team.

* Always listen to your older Admin. They have probably more experience than you. (Excepted you have a higher rank than him/her.)

* Always Use valid Ban Reasons. Using any foolish ban reasons will give you a warning

* Every player of 3D server deserves and has to be respected in all areas in and around the server so,  You must not use any kind of racial terms, swear/flame words in general or against other players, so that nobody feels discriminated (For example against skin, color, gender, race, etc...) or not welcomed, otherwise that will lead you to a demotion.

Have any suggestion or wanna discuss about a rule please leave a comment below this page.

Originally Written by:- Toretto
Approved and Edited by:- [bT]Omar


*** 3d Server's IRC Channel Rules ***

3D channel on irc will get a bit change, as you know its #btirc[3d] and if you want to get your rank on it you need to talk to me or to black.
and 3d oper channel for Level 6+ and not allowed for any others to join the channel.
Here we go:
Normal Players and level 1 and level 2 admins will be (+) Voice.
Level 3, 4 and level 5 will be (%) Half-Oper.
Level 6, 7 and level 8 will be (@) Oper.
Rcons will be (&) Admins.

Anyone got any rank isn't his rank will be demoted to his normal rank as i said. If anyone will break this rule and going to annoy black to get high rank he will be demote for ever in the channel whatever if he is an admin.

[UC]Omar (3d Server Head)


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BTTDM 0.3d IRC Channel - #btirc[3d]